Entertainment Agreement & Contract for RJ Fox

Contracting Agency:_________________________________________________

Company or Representative: __________________________________________

Event: __________________________________________

Type of music: _______________________________________________________

Location: ___________________________________________________________

Time of Event:________________________________

Date of Event:_________________________________

Note: A one hour set consists of approximately 45 minutes of entertainment and 15 minutes of break time to be used at the performer(s) discretion or at the request of the host or director of activities. Performer(s) are expected to be flexible to the requirements and circumstances of the said event.

Agreed Fee: $_________________________ Payment is to be made the same day of the event. The fee is not required until service is rendered. It is hereby agreed that the performer(s) shall provide entertainment according to all the terms of this contract. Performer(s) agree to show up early and start at the agreed upon time. 
Payment can be in the form of cash, money order or certified check made payable to RJ Fox

If the event is canceled in less than 30 days for any reason or anyone other than the performer(s), the contracting agent, company, or representative, herein, agrees to pay half of the agreed upon fee. A 20% non refundable deposit will be required to confirm this contract. A payment method can be arranged by Phone @ 702 368 0098 or by email.

To confirm this agreement, please sign and return this contract.

Authorized Signature of acceptance: _____________________________________


Please print this form in your printer and send it by Email to: foxguitar@hotmail.com or FAX to 772-382-0424 

          Thank You